In no particular order:

“o-blog, great static site generator from emacs Org-mode.”

-- Pierre-Yves Ritschard @pyr (OpenBSD relayd original author)

-- Sergey Konoplev @gray_hemp (PostgreSQL Consultant)

-- Olivier Berger @olberger (APRIL administrator)

-- Dimitri Fontaine @tapoueh (el-get and other author)

-- Julien Danjou @juldanjou (Awesome window manager and other author)

-- Daniel Farina @danfarina (member of the Heroku Department of Data)

“Thank you so much for the truly excellent elisp app. I am learning many things from it.”

-- priyadarshan

“o-blog looks awesome!”

-- Dirk-Jan C. Binnema (Author of mu4e and emacs-fu)

“o-blog, a cool static blog generator from org-mode markup with some nice Bootstrap integration.”

-- Fabián Ezequiel Gallina

“o-blog is amazing. After using Wordpress seemingly since the dawn of time, then Jekyll for a couple of years, this is like a spring breeze after a long, cold winter.”

-- Farasha Euker