Example of some org syntax


This is a level 1

Level 2

This is a level 2

Level 3

This is a level 3

Level 4

This is a level 4

Level 5

This is a level 5

Level 6

This is a level 6

Up to 6 levels of indentation can be used.


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Great clouds overhead
Tiny black birds rise and fall
Snow covers Emacs

– AlexSchroeder

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not any simpler – Albert Einstein

Everything should be made as simple as possible,
but not any simpler


As taken from the Org-mode manual:

My favorite scenes are (in this order)

  1. The attack of the Rohirrim
  2. Eowyn's fight with the witch king
    • this was already my favorite scene in the book
    • I really like Miranda Otto.
  3. Peter Jackson being shot by Legolas
    • on DVD only

    He makes a really funny face when it happens.

But in the end, no individual scenes matter but the film as a whole. Important actors in this film are:

Elijah Wood
He plays Frodo
Sean Austin
He plays Sam, Frodo's friend. I still remember him very well from his role as Mikey Walsh in The Goonies.


The Org-mode homepage1 now looks a lot better than it used to.

Emphasis and monospace

You can make words bold, italic, underlined, code and verbatim, and, if you must, ‘+strike-through+’. Text in the code and verbatim string is not processed for Org-mode specific syntax; it is exported verbatim.

Horizontal rules

A line consisting of only dashes, and at least 5 of them, will be exported as a horizontal line (‘<hr/>’ in HTML and \hrule in LaTeX).

As shown previously.

Comment lines

Lines starting with ‘#’ in column zero are treated as comments and will never be exported. If you want an indented line to be treated as a comment, start it with ‘#+ ’. Also, entire subtrees starting with the word ‘COMMENT’ will never be exported. Finally, regions surrounded by ‘#+BEGIN_COMMENT’ … ‘#+END_COMMENT’ will not be exported.

Images and Tables


This is the caption for the next table (or link)
Header 1Header 2Header 3Header 4Header 5 cell has a very long line with special layouts



Literal examples

Some example from a text file.

Here is an example

Some example from a text file.
(defun org-xor (a b)
  "Exclusive or."
  (if a (not b) b))
1:  (save-excursion
2:     (goto-char (point-min)))

In line 1 we remember the current position. Line 2 jumps to point-min.

Special symbols

Angles are written as Greek letters α, β and γ.

Subscripts and superscripts

The mass of the sun is Msun = 1.989 x 1030 kg. The radius of the sun is Rsun = 6.96 x 108 m.



1 The link is: http://orgmode.org

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