Icons from glyphicons are supported, by simply naming the icon using italics style forward-slashes:

Source example

/icon-calendar/ calendar

Rendered output

icon-calendar calendar

Icons can also be used for the top navbar using something like:

Source example

- [[#][/icon-book icon-white/ Documentation]]
  - [[file:../../../templates.html][Templates]]
  - [[file:../../../structures.html][Structures]]
  - [[file:../../../functions.html][Functions]]
  - [[file:../../../faq.html][FAQ]]

- [[#][/icon-file icon-white/ Blog]]
  - [[file:../../../tips/2012/08/21_adding-an-image-into-a-post.html][Adding an image into a post]]
  - [[file:../../../tips/2012/05/21_create-static-pages.html][Create static pages]]
  - [[file:../../../tips/2012/05/07_add-a-custom-font.html][Add a custom font]]
  - [[file:../../../tips/2012/05/03_some-bootstrap-features.html][Some bootstrap features]]
  - [[file:../../../tips/2012/02/10_using-bootstrap-grid.html][Using Bootstrap grid]]

- [[file:../../../templates.html">Templates

  • Structures
  • Functions
  • FAQ
  • icon-file icon-white Blog
  • icon-tags icon-white Tags
  • Please note the blank line between menu items. If blanks are omitted, the rendered result might be damaged.

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